ERV-Rubber expansion joint Type 1 Construction type V

The HKS rubber expansion joint Type 1 Construction type V with seamless FPM lining is suitable for petrochemical facilities, engines, power stations and flue gas desulphurisation plants with high resistance against hot oils, benzene, xylol, fuels with an aromatic content of more than 50 %, bio diesel, aromatic/chlorinated hydrocarbons and mineral acids.

HKS type 1 rubber expansion joint, V model, with rotatable galvanised steel flanges with support collar
HKS rubber expansion joint type 1 model V
Composition and qualities
Nominal widths
  • DN25 to DN200
Tempature range
  • (media dependent) -15 °C to +90 °C
  • briefly to +130 °C
Inner liner
  • FPM
  • seamless
  • no permeation
  • el. non-deductive
  • PA textile cord
  • specially rubberized
Outer liner
  • ECO

Electrical Properties

  • electrically conductive
  • white-green-white bands
  • DN ..
  • PN ..
  • date of manufacture
  • swiveling
  • DIN PN 10/16
  • steel (S235JR)
  • galvanised
  • integrated rubber bead (self-sealing)