Special expansion joints

HKS offers the construction and manufacture of various special expansion joints to meet individual customer requirements.

HKS universal expansion joint with transport bars

The following list details some examples of these:

Corner release expansion joints
Expansion joints that balance relative motions between components. Over small installation lengths, axial and lateral expansions are absorbed. The advantage of corner release expansion joints is their low fixed point load.

Pressure compensated axial expansion joints
Expansion joints that feature a low fixed point load. Pressure compensated axial expansion joints are beneficial because no redirection of pipe work is required. An additional pressure chamber completely or partially offsets the axial reaction force of the expansion joint. Use: e.g. in connections with limited flange or socket loads.

External pressure loaded expansion joints
The expansion joint is constructed so that the bellows is applied with pressure from the outside. Very high axial expansion can be realised at lower spring rates. Solids and corrosive liquids do not get stuck in the corrugation troughs. The bellows is protected from damage both inside and outside.

Chamber expansion joints
The bellows carrying the medium is surrounded by an external bellows. The clearance arising from this serves for tempering or for leak monitoring in outer casing pipes.