Expansion joints from HKS

Expansion joints are elastic components. An expansion joint is used to absorb pipeline expansions and vibrations or to compensate for the assembly of plant components. Expansion joints can absorb axial movements, lateral movements, angular movements or combinations of these movements.

Depending on the application, an expansion joint can be made of different materials such as steel, stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, rubber, fabric, PTFE or Teflon. The design of our products is decisively determined by the pumped medium, pressure, temperature, size and direction of the expansion to be absorbed.

At our production sites in Germany and the Czech Republic, we manufacture metal expansion joints, stainless steel expansion joints, corrugated pipe expansion joints, lens expansion joints, rectangular expansion joints, rubber expansion joints, fabric expansion joints, metal, hydraulic and rubber hoses as well as components for plant and pipeline construction with our experienced team of employees.

Our expansion joints are designed by our competent and dedicated sales contacts to meet the exact requirements of our customers.

HKS Product Range

HKS manufactures expansion joints for numerous areas of application. The production ranges from industrially produced standard expansion joints to specially designed expansion joints based on individual customer requirements (e.g. corner-balanced expansion joints, pressure-balanced expansion joints, external pressure-balanced expansion joints, chamber expansion joints).

Areas of Application for Expansion Joints

  • Expansion joints absorb temperature-related changes in length in pipelines
  • Expansion joints reduce forces and moments in connections
  • Expansion joints compensate for relative movements between plant components
  • Expansion joints absorb foundation and soil subsidence
  • Expansion joints dampen vibrations and structure-borne noise
  • Expansion joints compensate for assembly inaccuracies
  • Expansion joints are used as expansion parts for valves and fittings

Our products are used in pipelines and plant components in a wide variety of companies. Our customers include numerous companies from the mechanical engineering, plant construction, apparatus engineering, shipbuilding, engine technology, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, energy technology, metal/steel industry and various other sectors.