Fabric expansion joints

Fabric expansion joints can consist of different soft materials such as tissue, PTFE, EPDM or Hypalon® and are used e.g. in fan and ventilation technology, in the power plant/DeNOx/REA/boiler fields, in waste incineration plant, in the cement industry or in dust extraction and filtration plant.

HKS rectangular fabric expansion joint made of EPDM material, with steel flanges at both ends
Fabric expansion joint rectangular EDPM by HKS
Fabric expansion joint parameters

Bellows materials

  • Insulating material: Glass fabric, ceramic, silicate
  • Sealing foil: Elastomers, PTFE, high-alloyed steel
  • Backing fabric: Polyester, Aramid, Glass fabric, Silicate
  • Coating: Neoprene, EPDM, CSM, Silicon, PTFE

Connection parts

  • Flanges
  • Clips
  • Compression joints


  • Air
  • Exhaust gases

Nominal widths

  • circular shape from DN20 to DN5000
  • ovals, rectangles or special shapes in any size
Operating temperature up to 800°C
Operating pressure up to 1000 mbar

Construction shapes

  • circular
  • oval
  • rectangular
  • Special shapes


  • open or closed
  • with or without insulation
  • complete with steel construction

Movement absorption

  • axial
  • lateral
  • angular
  • Combinations thereof