ERV-Rubber expansion joint Type 1 Construction type GS HNBR

The GS HNBR model of the HKS type 1 rubber expansion joint is suitable for mineral oil products, DIN fuels, cooling water with oil-containing corrosion protection, lubricating or hydraulic oils and seawater. Excellent resistance to ageing, weathering and ozone.

HKS type 1 rubber expansion joint, GS HNBR model, with rotatable galvanised steel flanges with support collar
HKS rubber expansion joint type 1 model GS HNBR
Composition and qualities
Nominal widths
  • DN25 to DN600
Tempature range
  • (depending on operating pressure) -35 °C to 100 °C, up to 120 °C for short periods
  • range of movement: 100% at 60 °C, 60% at 100 °C
Inner liner
  • HNBR (nitrile)
  • seamless
  • highly abrasion-resistant
  • galvanised steel cord
Outer liner
  • Chloroprene CR

Electrical Properties

  • electrically conductive
  • yellow-blue-yellow rings
  • DN ...
  • PN ...
  • date of manufacture
  • rotatable
  • DIN PN 10
  • steel (S235JR)
  • galvanised
  • integrated rubber bead (self-sealing)