Corrugated tube expansion joints

Corrugated tube expansion joints are single or multi-layer stainless steel expansion joints with higher expansion absorption and lower spring rates. Corrugated tube expansion joints are used e.g. in exhaust, district heating and blast furnace pipe work, in mechanical, appendix and apparatus engineering as well as in industrial or sprinkler installations.

HKS DN 400 expansion joint with stainless steel fixed flanges at both ends
Expansion joint stainless steel fixed flanges by HKS
Corrugated tube expansion joint parameters

Bellows materials

  • high-alloyed steels (1.4541, 1.4571, 1.4828, 1.4878, etc.)
  • various Ni alloys (2.4856, 2.4858, etc)

Connection parts

  • Weld ends
  • Fixed/Swivel flanges


  • Fluids
  • Gases
  • Steam
  • Powder

Nominal widths

  • DN15 bis DN3000

Operating temperature

  • up to 1000 °C

Pressure levels

  • PN1 to PN100

Cross-section shape

  • circular

Guide tube

  • produced with or without inner guide tube

Outer protection tube

  • produced with or without outer guide tube

Single/Double bellows

  • produced with single bellows or
  • with double bellows and central tube
Production of corrugated pipe expansion joints