What sets us apart

HKS is set apart by its broad expansion joint product spectrum and the constant optimisation of the essential criteria for the product selection.

HKS corner-relief expansion joint with low fixed-point loads and internal deflector plates for flow optimisation for use between the turbine and expansion joint
HKS Special expansion joints

HKS constructs and manufactures expansion joints from simple standard expansion joints though to highly complex expansion joints constructed to meet individual customer requirements (e. g. Universal joint expansion joints, corner release expansion joints and pressure compensated expansion joints).

Judging by their products, the three essential criteria are quality (scope of services and goods), price and delivery times. HKS is in a position to achieve very good values in each of these areas:

Quality (scope of services and goods)

HKS products satisfy the highest quality requirements. This is proven both by various certifications and permits from classification societies and also by customer audits.


In spite of fulfilling high quality requirements, we are in a position to offer attractive prices because as a medium-sized company we have only limited overhead costs and simultaneously rely on consistent cost management. Furthermore, thanks to many years of experience, HKS has extremely productive manufacturing processes.

Delivery times

HKS is in a position to enable short-term delivery times. On the one hand we operate appropriate warehouse provisioning for standard products and materials. On the other hand as a medium-sized company we can recruit dynamically to respond flexibly to short-term delivery requirements.

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