ERV-Rubber expansion joints of Type 2, Construction types red, yellow, green, black

The HKS rubber expansion joints of Type 2 in Construction types red, yellow, green and black are individually designed to suit customer requirements regarding their pressure level.

Available rubber bellows qualities

Red: EPDM, suitable for water, cold and warm process water, sea water, coolant, also with chemical additives for water treatment, weak acids and alkalis, saline solutions, technical alcohols, esters and ketones.

Yellow: Nitrile suitable for petroleum products, fuel-ethanol blends and DIN EN fuels, mains gas and natural gas with the exception of liquid gas.

Green: Hypalon, suitable for chemicals, acids, alkalis and corrosive chemical waste. For oleiferous compressor air up to +90°C.

Black: Chloroprene, suitable for cold and warm water, swimming pool water, sea water, waste water (weak acid or alkali) - also oleiferous, coolant with oleiferous anti-corrosives, lubricating oil, fats, air and compressed air.

A detailed list and description of HKS rubber expansion joints can be found in our » product cataloque p. 190

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ERV-Rubber expansion joints